$51,000 for four likes on YouTube

Thousands of taxpayers’ dollars has been spent on a four minute YouTube video, National’s Environment spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“While New Zealanders are grappling with a cost of living crisis, the Ministry for the Environment is spending the equivalent of one years’ worth of income on a four minute YouTube video.


“Since it’s upload to YouTube in December 2020, the ‘Planetary Boundaries’ video has received 900 views and only four likes.


“That is the equivalent of $57 per view. It is baffling how this would be considered value for money.


“The video was part of a wider project which also included a further $271,000 on a publication called ‘A Safe Operating Space for New Zealand: Translating the planetary boundaries framework’.


“When asked about the project, Secretary for the Environment Vicky Robertson said that they were not doing any more work on the project.


“This is yet another example of wasteful spending from a Labour Government who have no regard when it comes to taxpayer dollars. There are many more areas that this money could have been used to improve the environment instead of on poorly executed pet projects.”  


Link to YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojOzk99744Q