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A Budget for Everyone

There has been a great reaction to Steven Joyce’s first Budget which delivers for all New Zealanders. It sets out a programme to ensure the benefits of our strong and growing economy are shared. It follows the same style that Prime Minister, Bill English set so successfully during his eight years as Finance Minister. Steady, stable and effective.

Supporting Families

The centre piece of the Budget is the Family Incomes package which will benefit 1.3 million Kiwi families. Superannuitants will also benefit with an increase of $13.10 per week. These two measures will have a real & positive impact for Whangamata families & citizens.

It is expected to lift 20,000 families above the threshold for severe housing stress, and reduce the number of children living in families receiving less than half the median income by around 50,000

Despite uncertain times on the international front the outlook for our economy and for our region continues to look very positive. That’s a tribute to hard working and enterprising New Zealanders.

Careful economic management over the last few years means we have options other countries don’t have.  The Budget seizes upon the many opportunities presented by a growing economy and includes more investment in public services especially health and education.

I am particularly pleased about the extra spending for law and order including extra spending on police to prevent burglaries and target reoffending. This 2017 Budget keeps New Zealand on track for sustained employment and strong economic growth. This is all great news for our region and our country .

Ten Thousand Jobs a Month

For the last 18 months New Zealand 10,000 new jobs have been created every month. We have the highest rate of employment among the adult population in the developed world and 78.9 percent of the jobs are fulltime. In Australia, it’s 68.3 percent.

While the government has gained a reputation as a strong economic manager. In this term of government there has been a big focus on strengthening our core public services like health and education and helping the vulnerable.

It’s our strong economy that is the engine that produces the wealth to pay for these social services.

More Tourist Infrastructure Funding

We know how much tourists love the Coromandel and we love having them spending time and money here.

However we want to make sure their experiences will leave them with good memories of our paradise and maintaining its pristine look. So the announcement of a $178 million tourism infrastructure package is a huge step towards that.

We’ve already had some funding for local projects from a previous government initiative, but this new money will mean there are more to come in our patch.

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