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Today’s announcement that investigative work has begun on developing a container deposit scheme is underwhelming and has taken too long, National’s Environment spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“Rather than implementing a tangible scheme that is actually going to address our rubbish problem, The Government has instead set up yet another working group, this time with local councils being contracted to do the work for them.

“National proposed a Container Deposit Scheme in our Environment Discussion Document earlier this year, and when the Minister was asked if she supported it then she said it was not one of her priorities.

“While it’s good the Minister has realised we were correct, it’s disappointing she is only just starting work on it now. 

“National supports the implementation of a container deposit scheme to address our mounting landfill issue, but we would actually do the work to execute it in a timely manner, rather than contracting development work on it out to another working group, and in this case two councils.”

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