Coromandel faces fourth disrupted summer

Coromandel faces a fourth consecutive disrupted summer season with NZTA confirming it will be late March 2024 before SH25A is reopened says Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

“It’s a devastating blow to our community and news of the delayed reopening comes after months of inaction, excuses and dithering by the current government and NZTA.

“We really needed the highway reopened before Christmas.  While its good now to at least have a target date that will provide some certainty for people, the impact on our local communities between now and then mean continued distress for many.

“There have already been too many business closures and jobs lost.  Local people have been inconvenienced for far too long and news that it’s going to be at least another nine or ten months will be the last straw for many. 

“I don’t think the government or NZTA realise how important that road is to our region. They seem content to just be taking their own sweet time without regard to the negative impacts the closure has on so many people.

“The constant stream of self-congratulatory press releases from NZTA telling us what a great job they’re doing only adds insult to injury.  I’d much prefer they just got on with the job.

“We’ve still got a lot of winter yet to come and other road closures this week around the Coromandel Peninsula highlight how vulnerable we are.”