Coromandel Forgotten Again in Cyclone Recovery Announcement

There was no mention at all about the Coromandel in the Government’s nearly $1 billion cyclone relief package announced over the weekend.

It seems the Coromandel has again been overlooked for the support the region desperately needs, says Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

‘I’m not taking anything away from the funding that has been directed to the East Coast, they need all the support they can get, but here on the Coromandel our needs appear to have been ignored.

‘Last week’s announcement that SH25A would be repaired by the construction of a bridge did not include a firm date for reopening of our critically important highway.

‘Other roads are in need of urgent repair. Businesses are struggling, farmers are still cleaning up pasture and local residents are dealing with property damage.

‘There’s a general lack of urgency in addressing these issues from government and our council as we head into winter.

‘I’m calling on central government to focus on the needs of the Coromandel in the same way they have done for the East Coast.’