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“I am delighted with the recent release of the region’s peak population statistics and how they point to such an impressive achievement in our tourist numbers” said  Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

“Nearly half a million unique individual  visitors were amongst us in the two and a half week Christmas –New Year high season, with a peak visitor night in the district of 126,298 and a further 20,158 day visitors, and I think these are statistics which Coromandel can be really proud of’.

‘We’re a region of both large and small tourist operators and these findings bring credit to everyone involved in not just hospitality, but also all of the allied services which contribute to a great Coromandel visitor experience” said Mr Simpson.

Mr Simpson agreed wholeheartedly with the assertion of how important accurate visitor numbers are for understanding where people are coming from and how long they are staying, for future work such as infrastructure planning needed to cope with big numbers concentrated here over a short time.

“Qrious”, the group who completed the study are to be congratulated for their attention to detail . They were able to drill down to day-only visitors and first night stayers which  is fantastic for planning” said Scott Simpson.

“When I stop and think about it, it is quite mind-boggling that our less than 30,000 resident population is multiplied by five at the height of the tourist season – and 43% arrive here from Auckland and 22% have come all the way from an overseas location to experience our beautiful Coromandel summer” said Mr Simpson.

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