Covid-19 Alert Level 2

Alert level 2 marks a staggered return to aspects of life pre-Covid 19 such as schools, gyms and eating out at restaurants. However, all of these activities will come with some stringent restrictions regarding social distancing. 


Physical Store Openings

In Alert Level 2, all shops have the ability to open if they do so safely.

This means that people are able to enter physical stores as long as physical distancing rules are adhered to.

Businesses should maintain hygiene measures, including physical distancing, hand washing and regularly cleaning surfaces. A store should not have more than 10 people inside at one time.

Above all, you must remember to do everything you can to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at work — we all have a part to play in keeping each other safe.


People can now move around New Zealand to visit family and friends, however gatherings are not permitted to have more than 10 people in attendance.

Gatherings should keep high hygiene standards and must record attendees so that contact tracing can be conducted if necessary.

Weddings and other cultural events such as church services may only have 10 people in attendance and must be no longer than 2 hours.


Only 10 people may attend funerals and tangihanga in Alert Level 2. Funeral directors may apply for special dispensation to allow for up to 50 people to attend funerals and tangihanga. To do this, they must fill out a form and submit this to the Ministry of Health. Please visit this link to download this form and to find out more information on funerals and tangihanga.


Public Venues

Public venues will be opening again.

Places such as museums, libraries, playgrounds and markets will be open to visit again. Additionally, restaurants, cafes and bars will be open. However, all of these venues will only be open for dining options until further notice. 

Venues must keep groups of attendees 1 metre apart, must not have groups larger than 10 people and may not have more than 100 people in total in the premises. This rule excludes staff.


Activities that were restricted previously, including hunting on public conservation land, boating and motorised water sports and swimming in public pools are allowed to be undertaken in Alert Level 2.

This also includes hunting during duck shooting season with a new revised start date of Saturday 23 May.


Travelling in Alert Level 2
People are now allowed to travel around New Zealand, provided that they do it safely.

Try to limit taking public transport, or use it at off-peak times. Avoid sitting next to someone you don’t know, or standing.

If you’re flying or taking other forms of transport that involve bookings, follow the physical distancing instructions from your transport operators.

Do not travel anywhere if you are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19.

For more information on Alert Level 2, please visit this official Covid-19 New Zealand website.