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Whitebaiters who have fished for generations on the western and eastern sides of the Coromandel are at risk of being banned if the Minister of Conservation gets her way, Coromandel MP Scott Simpson says.


“This popular Kiwi pastime enjoyed by many on the Waihou River, the Thames Coast creeks and streams and the Tairua River has me concerned.


“The Minister of Conservation’s ideological views are clouding her judgement again, and she is attempting to sneakily ban whitebaiting in our electorate.


“The transitional clauses of her Indigenous Freshwater Fish Amendment Bill means that after a year whitebaiting will be prohibited.


“I, along with my National Party colleagues will not be supporting the Bill through its second reading because we support the whitebaiting community, and do not want to see this traditional kiwi pastime outlawed.


“Our Conservation spokesperson Sarah Dowie has started a petition to save New Zealand’s whitebaiting industry.


“Whitebaiting is a kiwi tradition for many New Zealanders, it puts food on the table, creates livelihoods and is a recreational pastime. Sign our petition and have your voice heard.”


The petition to save whitebaiting can be found here:

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