Increase in Unemployment Benefits Across Coromandel

Stark figures released from the Ministry of Social Development show a large increase in applications for the jobseekers benefit.

MP for Coromandel Scott Simpson has said that although the curve has been flattened, the hard work is only just beginning.

Parts of the Coromandel electorate such as the Thames-Coromandel district has experienced a 33% increase in people applying for the benefit, while the numbers of those applying for the benefit in the Western Bay of Plenty district has increased by 25%.

‘While it is great that the threat of Covid-19 is becoming smaller and smaller by the day, it is clear that we need to get the economy back up and running, and fast.’

‘The rate of unemployment has already increased and is expected to surge after the lockdown is over as many business owners struggle to decide if they can pick up the pieces or if they just should move on.’