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Budget 2017 delivers to all New Zealanders

There has been a generally  favourable  reaction to Steven Joyce’s first Budget which is seen to be delivering for all New Zealanders. It is a document that sets out a programme that all our people should  share in the benefits of our growing economy. It follows the same template that  Prime Minister Bill English followed so successfully during his eight years as our Finance Minister. Steady, stable and effective.

The centre piece of the Budget is the Family Incomes package which will benefit 1.3 million Kiwi families. Superannuitants will also benefit with an increase of $13.10 per week.

Despite uncertain times on the international front the outlook for our economy and for our region continues to look very positive. That’s a tribute to hard working and enterprising New Zealanders.

Careful economic management over the last few years means we have options other countries don’t have.  The Budget seizes upon the many opportunities presented by a growing economy and includes more investment in public services especially health and education.

I am particularly pleased about the extra spending for law and order including extra spending on police to prevent burglaries and target reoffending. This 2017 Budget keeps New Zealand on track for sustained employment and strong economic growth. This is all great news for our region .

Wage Boost for Care Workers

Legislation is now going through Parliament which gives effect to what  is an historic agreement that was reached to give some of the country’s lowest paid care workers a share in a $2 billion pay equity settlement over the next five years.

It recognises the work carried out by the 55,000 workers in aged and disability residential care, plus home and community support services across the country. From July 1 this year a dedicated and predominantly female workforce who are mostly on or around minimum wage will receive a pay rise of between 15 and 50 per cent depending on their qualifications and or experience. I haven’t yet spoken to anyone who thinks these caring people don’t deserve a pay rise.


Free Calling Number for Kaiaua and Mangatangi Constituents.

I have a linked telephone number for Kaiaua & Mangatangi (09) 232 2588 to provide a free telephone number for local people. The number is answered in my Thames office. Please never hesitate to be in touch with me if you’d like to meet with me or just share your views on issues of the day. 

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