Kiwibank to Close in Waihi

Coromandel Member of Parliament, Scott Simpson, says that Kiwibank’s proposal to close its branch in Waihi is just another nail in the coffin for retail banking in the Coromandel.

‘Kiwibank was meant to be the people’s bank, but now it seems like it’s the bean counters in Wellington who are calling the shots.’

‘While the statistics are plain to see and less people across the country are banking in-person, this decision removes the choice from many in our community who prefer to handle their finances face-to-face with bank staff.’

‘The decision to close the Waihi branch, along with six others around New Zealand, follows the trend that banks are putting their commercial interests ahead of their customers.’

‘Relationships between customers and staff cannot be replicated by online banking.  It is disappointing for the Waihi community and comes on the back of last year’s announcement that the local BNZ branch would close.’

‘Kiwibank advise that they will consult with the community before a final decision is reached, but it appears more about supporting people through this transition than keeping the branch open.‘