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Tough new immigration rules will help says Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

“I’m pleased Prime Minister Bill English has committed to a "Kiwis first" immigration policy.”

“Entry access has been tightened and barriers raised. That said it’s a tricky thing to get the balance exactly right. We need experienced and willing workers to support our growing economy. Farmers and business operators continue to tell me they are having difficulty finding suitable staff, so turning off the immigration tap completely just isn’t an option.”

The tough new rules categorise high and low-skilled temporary work visas depending on how much a person earns, introduce a three-year limit for how long low-skilled workers can stay and impose a one-year stand-down period.

“These are good sensible changes designed to get the balance right between reinforcing the temporary nature of essential skills work visas and encouraging employers to take on more Kiwis and invest in the training to upskill them.”

“I’d much rather be taking a tough stance on immigration than facing a return to the massive ‘brain drain’ we had previously when about 40,000 New Zealanders a year were voting with their feet, just upping sticks and leaving to find a brighter future overseas. Thank goodness many of them are now coming back in droves.”

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