March Newsletter 2020

Health Information & Advice: The most accurate and up to date health information on COVID-19 is available here, on the Ministry of Health’s website :

More general information on the virus can be found here: If these sites do not provide answers to the questions you have please contact me.


Support for the isolated & vulnerable: Ours is a large electorate made up of widespread communities and with many people living in geographically isolated places. Some people don’t have access to the internet or may need additional information or help with deliveries, food or other services. If you are concerned about someone living in your community or a family member, please let me know so that I can give them a call or connect you or them to support from one of our many local community organisations. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed and needs to talk with a trained counsellor then free call/text 1737.


Buy normally: There is absolutely no need to change your regular shopping and supermarket buying patterns. Unnecessary ‘stocking up’ only places strains on hardworking shop and supermarket staff. It creates uncertainty and anxiety throughout the community. Please be sensible when shopping and remember buying up big only adds to an already challenging situation.


Business & Employment: The Government has announced a package of financial support available for businesses, the self-employed, contractors and employees. Information on this support package and how this may be able to help you or your business is available here: 

If you are concerned about what this package may mean for you or if you are having difficulty accessing this support please contact me so I can help advocate for you. There will likely be further Government support and I will work with Ministers on your behalf to help tailor that to meet the needs of Coromandel people and businesses.


Community Connection: We’re fortunate in the Coromandel electorate to have great community groups who are standing by to offer assistance and support where and as need be. Please let me know if you need support or know of others who may do. Community connection and co-ordination will be crucial in the immediate future. Obviously most, if not all, regular community events are going to be either cancelled or severely curtailed. I will remain available and accessible by phone, email, social media and ‘virtually’ using the tools modern communications technology provides us even if we can’t meet in person at the events where we usually would do.

If you have any further questions about anything surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact me.


Kia kaha