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Litter is Coromandel’s dirty little secret says local MP Scott Simpson. 

“Sadly it’s actually no secret at all and nor is litter a little problem” say Mr Simpson.

“Nothing annoys me more than seeing our beautiful natural environment ruined by the careless and thoughtless actions of lazy litter bugs.”

“It’s now fairly common to see people brazenly throwing litter from moving cars to say nothing of others who just drop litter casually as they are walking.”

“So I’m delighted to have co-launched with Environment Minister Nick Smith, a major new campaign to stop people littering” said Mr Simpson.

$3 million has been granted to the Keep New Zealand Beautiful organisation so they can conduct a major litter behavioural change campaign and run New Zealand’s first ever nationwide litter audit. The funding is coming from the Waste Minimisation Fund that collects fees from land fill charges. “There is a nice symmetry about money paid by people using landfill going to support the anti-litter message.”

“The campaign will take a something of a back to the future approach, involving schools and our wider community re-establish the ‘be a tidy kiwi’ message.”

“We want to draw attention to areas in New Zealand where they can celebrate being the country’s tidiest kiwis. Also we want to focus on those communities that have serious litter problems and encourage them into lifting their game” said Scott Simpson.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful is an iconic kiwi institution that has been working on the anti-litter message for 50 years.  “I’m backing this trusted and proven nationwide organisation to get on with the job of getting Kiwis to ‘Do The Right Thing” once again said Mr Simpson.

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