Broadband upgrades for Hotwater Beach and Kuaotunu

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Improved broadband services for Hotwater Beach and Kuaotunu are being welcomed by Coromandel MP, Scott Simpson.

“Chorus have just finished upgrading broadband cabinets and that means much faster, better internet access” said Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

“Local people have been waiting patiently longer than I wanted but I’m sure the improved service will be appreciated now it’s here.”

“Better access to faster broadband is something that’s raised with me often. It’s great news that Chorus have upgraded equipment for Hotwater Beach and Kuaotunu” said  Scott Simpson.

“Improved internet service is crucial to growing our local economy. Ensuring people have access to fast and reliable broadband means more opportunities for our community.”

“I will continue to push for further improvements in our region and I’m completely committed to ensuring we get our fair share of the nationwide funding for further upgrades” said Scott Simpson.