The Informer - December 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas is almost here and 2015 is coming to an end.

It’s the time of year we take stock, share time with family and friends and for some it’s a time to enjoy a classic kiwi summer holiday. For others it’s the busiest time of year. The Coromandel is acknowledged as New Zealander’s favourite summer holiday destination and rightly so. Soon we will be welcoming tens of thousands of visitors to Mercury Bay and the Peninsula. That means unlimited opportunities to showcase all that is great about our region to a much wider than usual audience and I know our business community are looking forward to what should be a bumper summer season. But it’s also the busiest time of year for all our volunteer emergency and community service organisations.

I want to take this opportunity in advance to thank all volunteers for the work and effort they will be putting in over the summer months. I enjoyed the opportunity to present well deserved long service awards and certificates to a number of Cooks Beach Volunteer Fire Brigade officers recently at their annual Honours and Awards evening. The team at Cooks Beach are like so many other emergency volunteer first responders in our region. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary work on behalf of us all and our wider communities. Thank you one and all.

Speaking of summer, weather forecasters are predicting that the already strong El Nino conditions of spring will continue over summer and into autumn. This will be good for those wanting a holiday at the beach but challenging for farmers. There is a very real likelihood farmers will be confronting a longer, hotter and dryer summer season this year. I know preparations for that are being made now but it is important to keep focused on what may well be a very challenging late summer and autumn period coming up. 

For me 2015 has been a busy year both here in the electorate and at Parliament. I’m very much looking forward to being out and about our beautiful region over the summer visiting as many people as I can and supporting the many fantastic events that will be on over the summer. 

Finally for 2015, I would like to wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas along with very best wishes for 2016 and all that the New Year might hold. Merry Christmas.