Recreational fishing parks to benefit the Coromandel

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Local MP Scott Simpson says the Government’s consultation document on a new Marine Protected Areas Act (MPA) makes for better, more flexible management of Hauraki Gulf marine reserves.

“What we’re proposing works for both recreational fishers and commercial fishers.”

“The recreational fishing park proposal here in the Coromandel will prohibit commercial fishing that directly competes with recreational fishing in the Hauraki Gulf.

“The new system of marine protection we are proposing aims to strike the right balance between protection and economic growth,” MP Scott Simpson says.

The document, released today, includes a proposal for a recreational fishing park in the Hauraki Gulf and MP Scott Simpson recognises the importance of fishing quotas as a source of income for some local businesses and families.

“While we anticipate the vast majority of commercial fishers will be able to shift their efforts beyond the parks, compensation will be payable to quota owners who face undue costs of fishing as a result, such as additional fuel and time at sea.

“These details will be worked through carefully and in good faith with commercial fishers,” Mr Simpson says.

All interested parties are encouraged to have their say on the management of the recreational fishing park, and can do so on the Ministry for Environment website. Submissions close on 11 March.