Kaiaua Compass - March 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Cell Tower for Kaiaua: I’ve been working hard to ensure people living in and visiting the Coromandel electorate have reliable access to better cell phone coverage and broadband. So news that Spark has set up a new cell tower to serve Kaiaua and the western Firth of Thames is fantastic and one we’ll all benefit from. The new tower is already operational. I’ve noticed the improved coverage during my recent visits and I hope you’ve noticed the improvement too.

This better coverage will be a real asset to Kaiaua residents and visitors alike.

It is particularly good news for locals living and working in western Firth of Thames. To now have high-speed mobile coverage in locations where there was previously no reception is great news for this side of the Firth.

Local emergency services and businesses will benefit but so will individual cell phone users and people using mobile data internet services.

80 per cent of New Zealanders now have access to 4G, or fourth generation, high speed mobile data services. Access at that rate or better is expected to reach 90 per cent by 2019.

What do you think about our flag?   There’s a lot of public discussion whether we keep or change our current flag. You will soon be receiving your voting paper for the second flag referendum.

This is the first time we as individual New Zealanders have had a chance to have a say in what flag we should have.

Whatever your view I urge you to complete the voting paper and return it by the 24 March.

Recreational Fishing Park for the Inner Hauraki Gulf.  Fishing with family and friends is one of New Zealander’s favourite pastimes. A discussion paper about how we should best manage marine protected areas has been released by Environment Minister, Nick Smith. One of the proposals includes the creation of a recreational fishing park in the inner Hauraki Gulf covering the Firth of Thames. Commercial fishing that competes with recreational fishing within the proposed park would be prohibited. If you have a view on the proposal or want to know more about the details you can contact my office for a copy of the paper or get it on line http:/www.mfe.govt.nz/publications/marine/new-marine-protected-areas-act-consultation-document   Submissions close 11th March.

Free Calling Number for Kaiaua and Mangatangi Constituents.
Please note I have a linked telephone number for Kaiaua & Mangatangi (09) 232 2588 to provide a free telephone number for local people. The number will be answered in my Thames office. Please never hesitate to be in touch with me if you’d like to meet with me or just share your views on issues of the day.