Coro Chronicle - April 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Congratulations to all local accommodation providers who have helped make Coromandel Town rated the best value when it comes to finding holiday accommodation in New Zealand. Last year Coromandel Town was rated number two so now to have received the top rating is a real tribute to the quality of service and facilities on offer here in Coromandel.

We hear a lot about the Auckland housing boom but what are the impacts on regions like ours? I think towns within the Coromandel electorate will be and already are some of the real beneficiaries. So much focus has been placed on how much houses are selling for in Auckland and who is buying them, but, actually, very little attention has been paid to what happens to the people who have sold their homes and where the money does go.

It’s very clear that a lot of those people and that money has been coming to towns like ours.  This is a good thing.  As these new Coromandel-ites become part of a terrific community, they get wonderful services like get great schools, and they get a magnificent quality of life not available to city dwellers. There are benefits to all. Our by boosting the population and rating base grows. There are more people spending in local businesses and more people involved in our community organisations. I welcome newcomers to the district and all that they bring with them by way of added vibrancy to our already wonderful communities.

Zero tolerance for zero-hours contacts

I’m now back spending most working weeks in Wellington at Parliament. Tt was certainly a very momentous day when Parliament voted unanimously to abolish so called zero- hour contracts. I was very happy to vote to end this unfair employment practice. It was good to be there in Parliament’s debating chamber when the vote was taken and to be part of an historic vote.

I believe it’s wrong to expect employees to sign up to an agreement to be available for any hours of work, where they are required to be available to work when but where there is absolutely no commitment from their employer of any actual work hours at all.

Superannuation and Family Support Increases: As a Government we’ve had an iron clad commitment to keep the retirement age at 65 and to keep the rates of superannuation and pensions for veterans at 66 per cent of average incomes.  I’m pleased that again this year there a further increase took effect at the beginning of this month.

However we are also aware that low income families need support and the $25 per week Child Hardship Package announced in last year’s Budget has taken effect along with increased support for low income working families. Over half a million children will benefit from these changes.

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