MP Scott Simpson praises schools for working together for local kids

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There are now thirty two local schools working with 5,376 students as part of a Community of Learning school group.

“Coromandel electorate students are benefiting from shared teaching practices and expertise, with teachers working alongside each other on goals to help improve educational outcomes in the classroom,” Scott Simpson said.

“I’m proud our schools realise that together they can achieve even more for our children.”

“Across the country, more than 1,260 schools and 18 early childhood education providers have now formed Communities of Learning, to work together to raise student achievement.

These communities are supporting more than 410,000 Kiwi kids – that’s more than half of New Zealand schools.”

The communities are funded through the Government’s $359 million Investing in Educational Success initiative.  Evidence shows quality of teaching and school leadership are the two most important factors in a child’s education, so the Government is supporting those areas.

“The communities work together on challenges they identify for their students, then they share their expertise and resources to help them overcome the challenges and achieve.

“We’re focused on improving performance in the school system to ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed,” Scott Simpson said.