Happy 2017 - Coromandel Chronicle 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy New Year to both local residents and visitors still enjoying the delights of a Coromandel summer holiday.

January is always a busy month here on the Peninsula. Holiday events are a hallmark of our region and there is plenty to do, see and experience. It’s the time of year when we get the chance to enjoy all that is best about the Coromandel.

Many of those wonderful experiences are centred on our precious and very beautiful natural environment.

New Leadership Team

I’m really pleased Bill English is our new Prime Minister and I’m looking forward to working as closely with him as I did with John Key. Very few people have become Prime Minister with so much preparation and familiarity of the role and what it entails. Bill’s been a regular visitor to the electorate and he’ll be back again. He’s got a down to earth Southern style mixed with a fierce intellect and a terrific sense of humour.

As Deputy Prime Minister, Paula Bennett represents the broad church that is the modern National Party. She has handled the big positive changes to social welfare which have so successful in reducing the number of people dependent on social welfare treadmill and she’s has held big portfolios like Social Housing and Climate Change Issues.  Needless to say she’s got a wonderful bubbly personality combined with a determination to get things done.

Thank you John Key

Mr Key has been a good friend to our region and I hosted him on many occasions here over the years.

It’s been an absolute privilege to work with him and to serve in the National Party caucus he has led. I believe John Key is one of New Zealand’s greatest leaders
Improving Civil defence

The devastating earthquakes that  hit central New Zealand late last year demonstrate that there were inconsistencies in the way warning messages and siren warnings were applied throughout the country, including in our own patch. I believe technology solutions can play a key role in protecting New Zealanders in times of national emergency and the Government is considering all options. Like most things in life there’s no single magic bullet, because no technology is 100% failsafe and it’s important to have a range of warning channels (e.g. TV/radio, social media, apps, sirens).

There was already work being done on a new public alerting system where cell phones could ring with a distinct sound, even if on silent mode. People wouldn’t need to subscribe to the service to receive alerts, like an app, alerts would be automatically received in a local area. I like this concept and the sooner it’s is implemented the better.

Authorised by Scott Simpson, 614 Pollen St,Thames