Happy New Year - Coastal News

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It’s  great to see so many people still enjoying the glorious holiday capital of New Zealand and all it has to offer.

I offer an extra warm welcome to the huge numbers of holiday makers and visitors who are currently on the Peninsula and around the entire electorate.

This is the time of the year friends and family gather to celebrate, reflect on the past year and set goals and projects for the new year.

Of course we start the year in great form with a new Prime Minister, a refreshed ministerial line-up and raring to go. I admire Bill English. He was John Key’s chief engineer nursing the economy back to health after the financial global crisis. Bill is a proven and experienced  politician. I’m looking forward to working as closely with him as I did with John Key. Its also twenty years since we had a farmer as Prime Minister.  Farmers are practical and pragmatic people.

As Deputy Prime Minister, Paula Bennett represents the broad church that is the modern National Party. She has handled the big positive changes to social welfare which have so successful in reducing the number of people dependent on social welfare and now working.

I believe  the new leadership team is a new ministry that blends experience with freshness.

The hallmark of the Key-English years has been a strong and growing economy and this will continue to be the case under the new government.

Upgrading Broadband

I am pleased that Chorus installed a new cabinet recently in Whangamata. I realise how important  that access to better broadband is for businesses and residents.. Extending Chorus’ network of modern, fibre fed broadband cabinets means when lots of people are streaming online video, broadband speeds will remain consistent.

The year ahead

There will be an election held sometime this year and Parliament will be back in session in early February. The economic outlook is for continued strong economic growth. New Zealand is now the fourth fastest growing economy in the developed world. Unemployment is under 5% and more people in the 65 age band are working than ever before.

With the government’s accounts in surplus I am sure the new Minister of Finance will continue to increase spending on our core public services such as education and health.

I regard it as an honour to serve the Coromandel electorate. I look forward to continuing to work even harder for you this year.


Authorised by Scott Simpson, 614 Pollen St,Thames