The Informer - January 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Welcome to 2017

A trip overseas always expands our horizons but also makes us appreciate even more how good things are here at home. I’ve just had my first ever northern hemisphere Christmas and New Year, travelling in the UK and Ireland. Yes, it was wonderful to experience a different way of celebrating the festive season, seeing and doing different things, but I’m now more convinced than ever before that there is nothing to beat a summer on the Coromandel.

At present we still have large numbers of visitors on the Peninsula. Most are Kiwis but this year we have very many from overseas as well. I’d like to offer a special welcome to all who are spending special time with friends and family in the paradise that is the Coromandel. It’s the busiest time of the year for local businesses and also for our volunteer emergency service providers. Thank you to all who go the extra mile keeping us safe and who ensure we have access to the business services we need at this time of year.

Please continue to take care on the roads, in the bush and at sea while enjoying all that our region has to offer during these wonderful summer months.

The year ahead

Our economy is forecast to continue to grow at a vigorous rate this year. Together with falling unemployment and rising government surpluses New Zealand is headed in the right direction under the new leadership team of Bill English and Paula Bennett. Our region is experiencing terrific economic growth and we’re reaping the benefits that come with that.

My office is open again and I’m back hard at work around the electorate. Parliament resumes in early February. I’m looking forward to what will be another busy and full year both here in the electorate and at Parliament.  

Catherine Delahunty

Catherine announced her retirement from Parliament just before Christmas. Whilst Catherine and I don’t agree on much politically, I’ve always been impressed by her dedication to her Party and the passionate way she advocates for the causes she supports. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last from her but I do want to publically acknowledge her contribution to our Parliament and our democracy.

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