Pauanui to get Ultra-Fast Broadband

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Good news for Pauanui people concerned they may have been left off the list of Coromandel towns to get Ultra-Fast Broadband.
Coromandel MP Scott Simpson says he’s had confirmation from Chorus that Pauanui is included and will get UFB as part of the roll out.
“I was surprised not to see Pauanui on the list given that Tairua was” said Mr Simpson.
“The number of people Chorus had attributed to Tairua as recipients looked too high to me so I contacted senior Chorus management when I was in Wellington last week to check.
“Turns out to have been a simple labelling error on their part and I soon had confirmation that Pauanui was definitely included as part of what Chorus had simply named Tairua.
“I’m told that from here on in Chorus will refer to the UFB roll out for that part of the electorate as Tairua/Pauanui rather than just Tairua.
This is great news for Pauanui as it is for the 12 other Coromandel electorate communities to receive UFB.”
“Chorus have told me they will be providing further specific details about the roll out in the next month or so.