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Budget delivers to all New Zealanders

It used to be that Budgets were evening announcements and people would queue up at petrol stations before an increased petrol tax took effect. Today Budgets are presented in the afternoon and there are no surprise announcements about increases to “sin or petrol taxes”. As Finance Minister Bill English perfected the art of a solid but uncontroversial budgets. His successor Steven Joyce has followed that same  “steady,stable and effective” style.

The centre piece of the Budget is the Family Incomes package which will benefit 1.3 million Kiwi families. Superannuitants will also benefit with an increase of $13.10 per week. That means real and meaningful positive impacts for Hauraki Plains families.

Despite uncertain times on the international front, the outlook for our economy and for our region continues to look very positive. That’s a tribute to hard working and enterprising New Zealanders.

Careful economic management over the last few years means we have options other countries don’t have.  The Budget seizes upon the many opportunities presented by a growing economy and includes more investment in public services especially health and education.

I am particularly pleased about the extra spending for law and order including extra spending on police to prevent burglaries and target reoffending. This 2017 Budget keeps New Zealand on track for sustained employment and strong economic growth. This is all great news for our region .

Budget Boost for bio-security

A boost of $18.4 million for bio-security funding  will help further protect our borders. The primary sector is the backbone of our economy and unwanted pests and diseases have the potential to cause major damage to our producers.

The huge demands  on our biosecurity system  reflect our economic  success with strong growth in tourism and increasing trade volumes. We need this new funding to keep abreast of new developments and  tools designed to detect and eradicate pests, including sonar scanning of vessel hulls and automatic acoustic traps for use in pest surveillance and eradication.

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