Progress is being made to reopen SH25A

The long-delayed reopening of State Highway 25A is inching closer, says Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

“Having visited the site last week, I’m thrilled to see progress is, at last, happening at pace.

“I’ve been critical of the slow decision making in getting work underway, but now that it is finally in progress, I was pleased to see the work being done by a big team of contractors.

“Many of the people working on the site are not locals and they are being accommodated in Thames and nearby as work continues over the next several months.

“It’s a big job for sure and I got a sense that everyone involved was determined to get the road re-opened as soon as possible.

“Every day the road remains closed, our region bleeds. It’s not just the physical scale of the repair work but also the emotional and financial damage that needs to be considered as well.

“Not a day goes by that the people of the Coromandel aren’t affected by the continued closure of this crucial transport route. It’s essential that we get SH25A back up and running as soon as possible.

“While visiting the dropout site on SH25A, I was impressed by the activity and expertise displayed by those on the ground. After months of uncertainty, residents and visitors can be assured that progress is being made.”