Public Information Meetings Postponed

Things have changed dramatically since setting up three public information meetings planned for Friday 17 February, says Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

‘Cyclone Gabrielle has wreaked havoc across our region and other parts of NZ.

‘We’re now in a National State of Emergency and on balance I’ve taken the decision to postpone these meetings while we focus on recovery to our battered region. Roading networks around the Peninsula remain severely compromised.

‘As it happens at least one of the venues has been designated as a welfare centre. The teams at NZTA and TCDC are literally up to their eyeballs focusing all available resources on the situation at hand.

‘I still plan to have information meetings but now is just not the right time to be holding them.

‘The slip on SH25A (Kopu-Hikuai) is still moving and it is unrealistic to have answers about what is going to happen until the experts can properly assess the situation.

‘Please contact my office anytime for help, assistance, or information. 0800 550 330.

‘Take care Coromandel.’