Three Months on… Still No Decision to Fix SH25A

The lack of a decisive plan from NZTA to get SH25A reopened continues to frustrate and anger local residents and visitors, says Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

‘It has been three months since the Kopu-Hikuai highway closed, but we still have no idea when the road will be reopened.

‘People have been patient, but the lack of decision, let alone a start on the work to get the road re-opened is deeply concerning.

‘NZTA are meant to be making an announcement about SH25A in May, but three months has been far too long to wait and is indicative of the lack of urgency to fix SH25A.

‘Our communities are resilient, but I have spoken to many businesses who are at their breaking point. Everyone is suffering and we desperately need to some positive action.

‘Any solution that does not get the Kopu-Hikuai reopened by Christmas simply is not good enough, because the prospect of a fourth devastating summer for our region is too awful to contemplate.’