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The long awaited decision that Whitianga’s rescue helicopter service is safe and will remain is very welcome news.

“I’m pleased that our collective community voice has been heard” said Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

“The Coromandel rescue helicopter service is safe and secure but there has been an unnecessarily long period of uncertainty”

“It’s a great outcome for Whitianga and the people of Coromandel who live and visit here.

 People power has won the day after a huge campaign fought by our local community. This is a victory for them and for common sense.

All the unnecessary angst, worry and concern that we’ve been put through could easily have been avoided if the Minister of Health had just made it clear from the very beginning that Whitianga wasn’t going to lose its rescue helicopter service.

Our community has been put through months of uncertainty, we’ve had to rally hard to just protect what we’ve had in the past and what we need for the future. We should never have had to go through all that and the only reason we had to was because the new government simply forgot to include Whitianga in the tender document.

I’m thrilled with the final outcome and grateful for the hard work and effort of so many people who rallied in support of our much needed and loved rescue helicopter service. 

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