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Waihi Kiwibank to Close

March 25, 2021 Share

Coromandel Member of Parliament, Scott Simpson, says that Kiwibank’s decision to close its branch in Waihi confirms that the “people’s bank” is no more.

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Kiwibank to Close in Waihi

February 25, 2021 Share

Coromandel Member of Parliament, Scott Simpson, says that Kiwibank’s proposal to close its branch in Waihi is just another nail in the coffin for retail banking in the Coromandel.

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Limited Return of Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Welcomed

November 16, 2020 Share

Coromandel MP Scott Simpson is welcoming news that the Coromandel Rescue Helicopter will return to Whitianga during January 2021.

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Petition Accepted to bring back Coromandel’s Rescue Helicopter

June 19, 2020 Share

MP for Coromandel Scott Simpson has accepted a petition from Stephan Bosman on behalf of the entire Coromandel community calling on the current Government to reverse its decision that saw the local Coromandel Rescue Helicopter service taken away last summer.

It was an honour to be the first person to sign Stephan’s petition when it was launched in January, Mr Simpson says.

“It’s an even greater honour to have now formally received it from him along with more than 46,000 other signatures. That’s almost the population of Invercargill.

“The 46,439 signatures on this petition represent the anger, the frustration and the sense of betrayal of local Coromandel people and visitors alike.

“The petition is a clear message to the Government that speaks to the passion, energy and hard work of the volunteers who organised and helped collect signatures from all around the Coromandel region.

“Almost 4 years ago, over a million dollars was raised by the community to build a purpose designed hangar and accommodation facility in Whitianga. Last summer for the first time in 12 years no rescue helicopter was based on the Coromandel Penninsula over the summer holiday period. 

“The people of the Coromandel need a chopper based in Mercury Bay at the Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust’s hangar over the summer months and at long weekends. The Government need to bring it back.”

Coromandel MP Moves to Top Ten

May 26, 2020 Share

Coromandel MP Scott Simpson has been promoted in new National Party Leader Todd Muller’s front bench line up.

The MP continues to hold the Environment and Climate Change portfolios.

In addition, he has been allocated responsibility for Resource Management Act Reform and Planning.

“I am very pleased that Todd Muller has asked me to continue my work in the environment and climate change space. The addition of RMA Reform completes the circle in those areas.

“Nationals focus through until the election and beyond is clearly on Covid-19 recovery and over the next few months, Todd Muller and my colleagues will present a very clear case for why National is better placed to lead that recovery than the current Government.


High-Paying Environmental Jobs Policy Not Realistic

May 19, 2020 Share

The Government’s $1.1 billion idea of redeploying people into environmental jobs is great in concept but difficult to turn into reality, National’s Environment spokesperson Scott Simpson says.

“It’s a struggle to get Kiwis to take well-paying jobs in the horticulture or farming sector, so convincing people to become rat-catchers and possum-trackers in the numbers the Government is hoping for will be an enormous challenge.

“It’s all very well allocating the funding, but there’s no detail on how the job numbers will be achieved and this Government has a poor track record of delivering on their big policies.

“The $1.1 billion for 11,000 jobs means they’ve allocated $100,000 per job. There is no detail about how much of this is going to workers on the ground doing the environmental work and how much of this is going to added bureaucracy in Wellington offices.

“This is similar to Budget 2018 where $100 million was allocated to setting up the Green Investment Fund to create new green investment and jobs. But two years later not a cent has been invested and the only jobs created are for the highly–paid executives administering the fund.

“This announcement has all the hallmarks of being the Government’s environmental equivalent of Kiwibuild, a great slogan with no idea on how they’ll achieve it.”

Increase in Unemployment Benefits Across Coromandel

May 14, 2020 Share

Stark figures released from the Ministry of Social Development show a large increase in applications for the jobseekers benefit.

MP for Coromandel Scott Simpson has said that although the curve has been flattened, the hard work is only just beginning.

Parts of the Coromandel electorate such as the Thames-Coromandel district has experienced a 33% increase in people applying for the benefit, while the numbers of those applying for the benefit in the Western Bay of Plenty district has increased by 25%.

‘While it is great that the threat of Covid-19 is becoming smaller and smaller by the day, it is clear that we need to get the economy back up and running, and fast.’

‘The rate of unemployment has already increased and is expected to surge after the lockdown is over as many business owners struggle to decide if they can pick up the pieces or if they just should move on.’

Covid-19 Alert Level 2

May 14, 2020 Share

Alert level 2 marks a staggered return to aspects of life pre-Covid 19 such as schools, gyms and eating out at restaurants. However, all of these activities will come with some stringent restrictions regarding social distancing. 

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March Newsletter 2020

March 20, 2020 Share

Health Information & Advice: The most accurate and up to date health information on COVID-19 is available here, on the Ministry of Health’s website :

More general information on the virus can be found here: If these sites do not provide answers to the questions you have please contact me.


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Beach Hop 2020 Postponed Until November 2020

March 18, 2020 Share

Repco Beach Hop 2020 has been postponed until November and the decision is getting the tick of approval from Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

“Everyone will understand the reason why and also how difficult the decision has been for organisers. But it’s the right thing to do and I support the decision to postpone.

“Although there will be many people who now have their Beach Hop plans frustrated I look forward to seeing the festival back in action on the new dates of 25th-29th November.